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We offer the following Danish classics every evening:

  • Stjerneskud - fried fish filet, shrimps, smoked salmon on bread,with salad, tomatoes, asparagus and dressing - kr 219
  • Wienerschnitzel with fried potatoes, peas, capers and browned butter - kr 199
  • Tournedos with mushroom sauce, potato and onion pie - kr 249
  • Vegetarian dish of the day - kr 179
  • Starter of the day - kr 105
  • Dessert of the day - kr 95

French inspired monthly menu, from the regional country cuisine

This month the menu is inspired by the Languedoc Rouissillon region:

  • Casserole with cod and mussels
  • Vol au vent with mushrooms
  • Quail with portwine sauce and figs
  • Crema Catalana

4 courses - kr 445

This menu is served Tuesday to Saturday

Please book a table in advance

Wine Menu

Our sommelier has selected a wine-menu which complements the monthly menu, naturally also with French wines:
Wine menu 3 courses  - kr  275
Wine menu 4 courses - kr   350

The regional French classical cuisine

To travel is to live - that is the philosophy of our life and we would like to invite you to join our journey.

Take a ride with ‘The Bleu Train’, our charming and cosy restaurant, and enjoy a French inspired menu, with ingredients and recipes from the regional and classical French cuisine.

Why French inspiration? Because we love French and we have both a small boutique hotel and a house in France. And because this love for French has also inspired the decoration of the entire hotel and restaurant - a little piece of France, in Denmark :-)

Every month we visit a new region in France on our culinary journey and both food and wine will predominantly be from this region. Our aim is to familiarize our guests with the diversity in the French kitchen and with the characteristics of the different regions, which are less known than e.g. Alsace and Provence.   

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