Captain Milligram's Cockpit

Saluting the former Cimber Air  captain Jørgen Gram Svendsen "Milligram". His apparances is so delightful

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Husmandsformand Chr. Sørensen

Nice suite for 2 persons in the Miss Kirk building. The entrance is also a small shared terrace. Sunset is just on the door.

Christian Sørensen was a karismatic gentlemen, who in the 70s - 80s was the chairman of the small farmers association.

"Husmand" means straight translated houseman - but relates to a family running a small farm.

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Brandkaptajn Lastein's Vagtstue

Family suite with four posterbed and 2 single beds. It tells the story about voluntary firemen. Johan Lastein was the founder of the voluntary firebrigade in the city of Jels south of Holsted.

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Borgmester Aaskov's Kontor

Former mayor Carl Aaskov - saluting his presence as mayor. In this very same room, his joined as a young scout - at that time on the roof on top of the book store.

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Banjermester Storm´s lukaf

Quartermaster Finn Storm's lucaf is named after a prominent officer in the Royal danish Navy.

Banjester Master Finn Storm was head of staff at Queen's Frigates and a personality Bjarne met in his time at the Navy. His trademark was the ability to airworthy and to say his clear meaning to everyone, high and low rank… .the notion of the statement “we are all in the same boat”… .who we are, what we do and where we come from

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Det første kys

Suite the First Kiss is full of romance. Can you remember when you first met and decided to join in life for a path together.

Love is a strong invinsible energy, that can move the mountain when let loose.

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Frk. Kirk boghandel

Miss Kirk and her bookstore were for many years the focal point of Holsted. It is said her father - Bookstore Kirk, ghosts in the Kirk building and pushes the stove.

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Family heritage. The farm was called "bird in may" was buildt in the 1920´s by Oscar Lastein outside Jels.

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Grand Aviator

Traveling around the world in 80 days.
Enjoy the aviation atmosphere of this large 180 m2 family suite with beds for 8 people in four rooms and a large living room as a common living room. Exit to square & river
Earth's destinations are waiting for you. Downtown Penthouse.

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HC Andersen

Fairytale suite with maghoni four poster bed and 2 extra beds. There is a livingroom on the 1st floor to enjoy calmness

H.C. Andersen is as Danish as anything can be, and is the name for fairy tales. To travel is to live.


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Karen Blixen & Finch Hatton

Out of Africa. Inspired by the Danish baroness's experiences in Kenya at her coffee farm outside Nairobi in the hills of Ngong. Summarized with her romance with English Finch Hatton became an Oscar-enriched film in the 80s

"Light foot lads, Rose lipped maidens"

A Danish story that has drawn the whole world.

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Panorama suite

Right in the middle of the square overlooking the city center and with an promenade, the surroundings are as they should be. Penthouse on the 1st floor.

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Skarpe Pen

Suite for 2 persons in the Miss Kirk building. Shared terrace with Christian Sørensen´s kammer.  Sunset is just on the terrace

Mogens Christensen was a karismatic newspaper editor in chief, who made the local news crispy.

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Kejserens Addis Ababa

Our small boutique hotel is built on a journey of life and every single room has its own history, events or people that have influenced us.
Welcome to our world, hope you will enjoy being part of our adventure… ..

The story:
Emperor Addis Ababa suite
Suzette lived for many years in Addis Ababa, which has been home to Ethiopia's emperors, the last of which was the famous Emperor Haile Selassie. Addis Ababa means "New Flower" and is located in the highlands of Ethiopia.
Bjarne also came to Ethiopia and worked for 1 year for Ethiopian Airlines, with flights to all the places in Africa and the Middle East.
So Ethiopia is the place where our joint journey started… after we first met at the Danish Embassy for the annual Christmas party in 2012

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Boutique Hotel Postgården

The Blue Train Restaurant is open daily (1 may until 30 september closed fridays, where we serve grille in our Skovpavillonen)
18.00 - 21.00